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Why Hire a Photographer to Document Your Proposal?

August 20, 2017

Imagine this:

you are old, gray, and wise… your little freckle-faced granddaughter looks up at you and asks how Papa proposed to you. You pull out an old photo from that special day and she grins ear-to-ear because she feels the same joy that you did on that special day.

Documenting one of the most important milestones in your love story is important in so many ways! Not only are you going to be knocked off of your feet, but true emotion, of that very moment, will be captured.

Proposal settings are becoming more and more creative; an evening boat ride into the sunset, your favorite tailgating spot right before your college rivals hit the field, while you are instructing your favorite yoga class, over a bowl of ice cream with sprinkles (in your favorite sweatpants) <– I dream of this… oh yeah, and the puppy proposal. Literally… proposal opportunities are endless. That’s the cool thing about it… you get to make it unique to you and your true love!

So I’m not engaged but I dream of having my proposal documented. Men (or women)… get a pen and paper and write down a few tips:


Pick a location that is awesome and has meaning (old or new meaning). Make sure she looks and feels her best. No one wants their photo taken, without feeling fabulous. If you want to get creative, make this a fun adventure… arrange to have her hair, makeup and nails done prior to the shoot. OR you can simply say, look your best… no questions asked!

Put thought into what you are delivering. Don’t just get down on one knee and say the four-worded question… lead up to it. Why is she special to you? What did you first notice about her? Why do you love her? Words of affirmation during this moment, will reflect in only smiles, (happy) tears, and laughter during the moment. This will show in the images!

Stay down on your knee for a good twenty seconds. Yes, it might be uncomfortable but your photographer will thank you. Oh and you can tell her how much you love her, during this moment (remember to enjoy the moment, you won’t get it back!).
So awesome right? I recently documented a proposal in an art gallery!!! It was an exclusive exhibit of their love!! It was truly as sweet as it sounds. Brandon put so much thought into what he was delivering, it made for only an unforgettable night. I wasn’t the bride-to-be and I’m still grinning ear-to-ear. I can only imagine how swept away she feels!


The amazing thing about this is, the photographer spends time with you two after the proposal documenting actual engagement photos! How cool is this? Your Save the Date cards are ready to be mailed in a month!

Guys, what I’m trying to say is… only great things came come from having your proposal documented. So, drop a few hints in your significant other’s ear. Let him/her know that it’s important to you! You won’t be disappointed!

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