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What is Milk Bath Photography?

August 21, 2017

There’s something about a bump, white lace, and milk. Three little words… milk bath photography.

Milk bath photography is a new and upcoming style of photography for mothers-to-be. Not only is a milk bath soothing but when you combine it with photography, it truly enhances the maternal appeal.

The origin of a milk bath is to sooth and soften the skin. So why not show some skin in the images and especially that gorgeous bump?? I advise my mothers to wear lace or a material that reveals the skin in the milk bath. This will make your images pop and the material will naturally sink in the water.

Flowers and milk

Why the floral accents in the bath? I truly believe that these floral accent pieces create a zest to the overall image and give a sense of life and growth.

I started documenting maternity milk bath shoots last year and I have only had success. The mothers were relaxed and refreshed and the finished product is exceptional!!

The most common question that I received from this has been, “how much milk did you use?” … the magic answer is, only three gallons of whole milk. I know, it looks like so much more!

The Recipe

There is no magic recipe to this, but here are the steps that I took and the product turned out fabulous:

  • Find an old porcelain tub ß I loved the outdoor look of this!
  • Place the tub in the correct position for gorgeous sunset shots.
  • Add your water halfway (preferably warm but with a hose and well water, that’s hard to do).
  • Add three gallons of whole milk.
  • Have the mother enter the tub and take first position for the image.
  • Garnish fresh cut flowers + foliage around her, while she lays very still.
  • You’re ready to shoot! So simple!

When choosing my flowers, I decided to choose one pastel color and one neutral color. These colors added a soft color accent to the image, which is what I preferred for the overall look of my shoot.

I recommend bringing extra water to hose your subject down with afterward. The milk will leave a sticky film on the skin once it dries! Oh yes, and towels for drying!

you will not be disappointed!


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