Waylon is One!

August 21, 2017

How precious is this session? Waylon is turning one and how perfect it was to have the new family calf, in his first-year photos. This little calf was just as curious as Waylon was!

When Courtney, Waylon’s mother, told me that she wanted to incorporate her families home place in this session… I knew I was about to capture some savory moments! I couldn’t have asked for a perfect location. The lighting was perfectly placed and this little family was right in their element!

I love shooting this time of the year, despite the fact that it is peaking 100 degrees. The crops are so vibrant and the sun dances around until it’s past these little one’s bedtime! I love to make the most of the day and document along the way!

It was such a beautiful evening. We talked about the crops that her family planted, their farm, and her father pointed out special places that we should incorporate along the way in our shoot. Roaming around on this beautiful land and incorporating new livestock made me thankful that I live in the country and embrace such sweetness!

I feel like the best photos are produced when a family is in their comfort zone. Kids are able to play and be themselves and everyone tends to have fun and just go with the flow! <– That’s when the photographer is able to capture genuine raw moments! I love it when I hear mothers say, “I don’t care if we didn’t get but one good family shot.. we were making memories… it’s our crazy life and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Next time you plan a shoot, choose a location that is meaningful to you and let the kids be kids. Trust me, you will thank yourself and the product will turn out amazing!

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