Adventure with the Browns

August 24, 2017

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Meet the Browns

The Brown family is one of a kind and creates adventure wherever their sole’s touch. They are so full of life and totally centered on family. When Janna approached me about documenting her gorgeous family, I knew I had to jazz up the session to a style that spoke to them! She said it had been years since she had her family documented… the pressure was truly on!

Janna requested something majestic for a setting and mentioned the woods or the water. I researched inspiration, but in the end… I chose to go all in. Literally, they all got in the water! Lake Tillery is home to them and what better setting than to root them to the country land and water that her family grew up on.

Vivid. Bold. Perfect.

Janna is known for her AWESOME hair. You see, it is not always red… If you follow her on social media, you will see that she changes the color with her mood and most always coordinates with her outfits. It is so noteworthy!

She is a hair stylist and her family is perfectly groomed with total awesomeness. With the muted outfits and scenery, her vibrant red hair, was the splash of color that I needed to make these images pop!


One of the hardest things as a photographer is trying to keep children content in extreme weather. When the temperature is peaking nearly 100 degrees, you praise and reward! These angels were down for anything!

They were super stoked when they found out they were going for a dip (in their clothes) at the end of the session! I mean, who says you can’t do this anyways? Seriously, if you haven’t you need to try it… it is life altering and enlightening! In conclusion, check out these smiles at the end of the session… it’s all child’s play!!


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